Pontins – not for the faint hearted

Well, my very first blog. Inspired by my amazing friend Maddie who is (and always will be) way ahead of me in the world of technology.
outsideI somehow managed to talk some friends in to a weekend at Pontins Camber Sands. £39 for a family of 4. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a bargain hunter but this was ridiculous – £3.25 per person per night. Right?

We arrived and were blessed by sunshine. Just as well as I think my husband may have driven straight out had it been raining. It’s a pretty depressing looking place and reminded me of a war camp I visited when travelling.

We battled our way past kids and noisy arcade games to reception and collected keys. Eventually finding our cell (sorry, apartment), we admired the peeling 70’s decor and desperately unpacked the car for the drink. A few G&Ts later while the kids ran wild in and out of each others apartments (sorry, cells) we felt confident to explore. It’s pretty grotty everywhere but one thing I noticed was everyone was happy. Kids playing, adults relaxing (mostly in the pub!)
photo (1) I was happy, our kids had freedom so they were happy.
Camber Sands is an amazing beach with fantastic sand dunes and a few little restaurants which are a great alternative to the offerings in Pontins or what you may manage to produce from the under equipped facilities in the cells. All weekend I found myself singing Pulps ‘common people’ and I think the song really sums the experience up. I’m no snob but if you want to experience basic living it does the trick.
Bit like camping really (only cheaper if you try sites near Brighton!)
And I guess that’s how we ended up seeing it. Camping indoors.
Making do and having fun with friends.
I haven’t mentioned the entertainment, it really has to be experienced. All I can say is that I felt sorry for Maddie who was alone with 2 small kids (Gammon & Chips) as husband conveniently had to work last minute. At about 2am just meters from our paper thin walls there was swearing, fighting, women screaming and kids crying. It went on for ages but Maddie coped well, she’s Australian after all. I’ve since been informed that local police prefer not to attend Pontins. Can’t think why?
daisy ella2
Some may argue that they should have paid us to stay there. Reality is, it probably should have been knocked down years ago, but there it stands. Bold as brace in the beautiful location of Camber Sands. Truth is, its providing cheap family holidays, a place for kids to be free and families to spend stress free time together.image
Did we enjoy it? Enough alcohol, some good food (or a sandy sausages) and great friends.
Of course we did.
Would we go again?
Hell yes!
It’s a right laugh, but you need to go with an open mind and friends (never alone).
I mean, where else can you have a family weekend away for 40 quid, let the kids do what ever they like and end up right in the middle of a live episode of Eastenders every Saturday night?
Not for the faint hearted but defo worth a go.
Average family score 6 out of 10 (heavily weighted by Daisy who thought it was better than DisneyLand Paris!)


2 Responses to “Pontins – not for the faint hearted”

  1. 1 Clare Sparks (@BabyAbroadNews) February 14, 2013 at 08:45

    That’s the best holiday review line I’ve read; “not for the faint hearted”! I enjoyed your post. The truth is in your pictures – sometimes it’s not about where you stay, but what the kids get out of it. Stick a jumper on them and they’ll play on the beach all day. To them the rest is irrelevant!

  2. 2 a field somewhere February 14, 2013 at 12:34

    Very true. My kids are happiest in the sand or mud and that’s FREE!
    Thanks for reading.

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