And relax…(all-inclusive holidays)

After a super relaxing holiday with the kids (yes, you heard me right, WITH the kids and RELAXING) we returned last week feeling deservedly rested.

This year has been tough. Much as I love my adorable 2 year old, she is, what some refer to as ‘challenging’.
Personally, I refer to her as a bloody nightmare but I’m told she will grow out of it. An average day is filled with tip toeing round her praying she doesn’t have a melt down. They’re triggered by the slightest thing resulting in her smashing the room up, hitting us, and screaming ‘I hate you!’ Her dad Rob and I are to familiar with ‘that look’ from ‘perfect parents’ when Hunny has another one of her ‘moments’ in public.
photo (3) Anyway, we decided we deserved a break and took off for an all-inclusive week in the Canaries fully loaded with gadgets and toys for an easy holiday. I hate the idea of all-inclusive hotels full of tourist stuffing their faces, and like many ‘right on’ mums imagined I’d be back packing round Asia with my tiddlers.
photo (5)Reality is, I would do anything for an easy life and amazingly, that’s what we got. A week of sun, relaxing, swimming, eating and i even read a book. Kids found friends and loved the kids club and unlimited supply of hot dogs, chips and ice cream without their frugal mother say no all the time. BLISS. Got through the entire week with only one melt down moment (mostly preempting them with yet another Slush Puppy) but we did it.
So, a positive blog. Hmm, our thoughts on the holiday until we returned to Gatwick and realised in our pre-departure excitement neither of us noted where we parked. Loaded with luggage (which took nearly an hour to arrive) and tired children, we search the multi story for about 40 minutes. Slowly getting more and more annoyed with each other for our stupidity we searched each floor, tempers rising. Up and down in the lift, freezing to death in sandals, kids screaming ‘we want McDonald’s!’, finally the attendant appeared to ask if we knew there was more than 1 car park. Obviously he’d been having a right laugh watching us on his monitors and waited till we started disturbing the other customers. red15 minutes later, by the power of eliminating each floor (of the BLUE car park), we were at the car. Fortunately I was pretty sure of the space, just not the floor or building!

Kids dealt with it well. They are used to hearing us argue. Daisy just rolled her eyes in that kind of ‘come on guys, you’re supposed to be the parents here’ manor she is so good at.

Made it back to Brighton in one piece.

And relax…


2 Responses to “And relax…(all-inclusive holidays)”

  1. 1 Jaime Oliver June 24, 2013 at 22:01

    so pleasure you managed to get some relaxing family time in, thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

    P.s the car park thing is so something i would do!!

  1. 1 And relax… « a field somewhere Trackback on January 25, 2013 at 21:02

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