‘I like to move it move it!’ (Madagascar LIVE)

photo (6)I took the family to see Madagascar LIVE  last night at the Brighton Centre.  Part of my continual quest to keep the kids busy and get out of the house on these wet and gloomy weekends.

It was great, amazing stage sets, actors, costumes and music. If you get the chance go and see it.

Not cheap though. £34 a ticket with no reduction for kids it’s almost West End prices and this was the Brighton Centre. I managed to get my tickets half price from Living Social for around £50 for the family I felt it was reasonable. Although not as reasonable as it was for a friend who managed to walk straight in and sit down in the front row 10 minutes after the start of the show with no ticket! (I like your style MW. Very cheeky. A Big 10 out of 10 on the ‘free stuff to do with your kids chart’ – although not quite sure how it ranks on the ‘good morals to teach your kids chart!’) Not that I can talk as Hunny sneaked in as a ‘babe in arms’ even though she’s almost 3.

photo (7)We had a great time. 9 out of 10 score from me and Hunny who was transfixed by it. Rob and Daisy gave it 7 out of 10 which may have been higher but they were too hot and Rob didn’t have enough room for his legs. They are both massive fidgets and although I took popcorn, juice and sweets (frugal mummy) Daisy’s lasting memory is that she wasn’t allowed an overpriced tub of Hagen Daz (tight mummy!).

Kids must have enjoyed it. They have been playing ‘Madagascar LIVE’ all morning (poor dog!)

Average family score 8 out of 10.


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