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Elderflower Festival – QUALITY Sussex family fun

EF-tweetbirdJust booked up my May Bank Holiday weekend. Organised hey?

Quality and festival rarely go together.

But last year we stumbled upon Elderflower Fields.

Never again will I accept that festivals plus kids equal 3 days of soggy chips, missing all your favorite music and hovering small bottoms over swamp infested portaloos.

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To pea or not to pea? That is the question

hunnypeaMy two year old is well known for her tantrums. Her latest thing is screaming BOGEY at the top of her voice, kicking our much suffering dog then throwing herself dramatically to the floor. Slightly better than shouting ‘I hate you mummy, you’re a  BAGEL!’ in the middle of Sainsbury. But still not great.
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Best family festival? shhhh…don’t tell anyone

photo (8)


I’ve been going to festivals for years, since the care free days of hurling myself over the fence at Glastonbury with nothing but a fur coat and a bottle of vodka. Think I’ve pretty much been to most of them in one way or another, working, playing and having fun. There’s nothing quite like it, and even since I had kids I still feel happiest in a field somewhere….. surrounded by smiles.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Quality time with(out) the family?

ImageI’m always ranting on about spending quality time with the family. Little did I realize, what I actually needed, was quality time without them.

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