We are Trashing our planet….

from small seeds
grow big oak trees

My Make Do and Mend Year

I went to see a screening of the Jeremy Irons movie Trashed on Thursday, as the ‘finale’ event of the Waste Watcher’s challenge.

It makes for sombre viewing, and really should be compulsory viewing for each and everyone of us.

I don’t expect many people really stop and think much about rubbish, but when you do, you realise that it really is EVERYTHING.

Every single thing we buy will end up as waste (yes even the stuff we eat….) at some point. And I think for most of us, it is a case of out of sight, out of mind.

Here are some fairly alarming Rubbish facts:

  • In the UK, it is estimated we will run out of landfill by 2018
  • In the last 150 years, not only has the amount of rubbish that we produce spiralled, but also the type of rubbish that we produce has changed-and a lot of…

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