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photo (66)If one more person asks me

‘Have you still got THAT DOG?’

I’m going to scream!!!!!

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Cookery Doodle Doo – Honey cakes with Hunny

happy hunnyFor those that know me, you’ll know that Hunny and I have had our moments in the last 3 years. To say she has challenged me is an understatement. I love her to the moon and back but we have struggled to find a happy balance that seems to come to others so naturally. She is spirited and I adore her for that.

Pledge to change – International Earth Day

ImageToday is International Earth Day and we pledged to plant a tree over on the new KalliKids blog last week.

The kids had already added themselves to the Face of Climate campaign and we decided to make a green pledge.

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Plastic, plastic everywhere

I recently QUITE my dreadful guilty pleasure ebay (read about it here).

ImageBut on Friday I had the day off from life and found myself wandering in town twiddling my thumbs and accidentally (on purpose) stumbled in to a shoe shop.

Whoops! After hammering the plastic I managed to justify my spending by the fact that the soles of my lovely new shoes are made from 50% recycled plastic bottles (and they are oh so pretty and comfy!)

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder


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