Cookery Doodle Doo – Honey cakes with Hunny

happy hunnyFor those that know me, you’ll know that Hunny and I have had our moments in the last 3 years. To say she has challenged me is an understatement. I love her to the moon and back but we have struggled to find a happy balance that seems to come to others so naturally. She is spirited and I adore her for that.

So to my surprise, when we went to try out a Cookerydoodledoo cookery class she was a model child. Polite, helpful and full of joy.

The class was great. We arrived and the teacher Nancy welcomed Hunny and immediately got down to her level. She showed us to the beautifully decorated classroom with a kiddie friendly table already laid out with cooking equipment (as well as lovely comfy sofas for parents), and an open door out to a lovely garden the kids were free to use.

Hunny made herself at home and went off to explore the tree house while I relaxed on the sofa with a cuppa. Lovely!

wendy house

The class was a nice small group of preschool kids who listened intently to Nancy while she asked them questions and explained what they were going to get up to. Her kind and gentle nature even got the shyest of little ones answering her fun questions.

As well as making delicious Hunny cakes the kids learnt all about local honey and nature. They even went on a bug hunt in the garden and got to make their own bugs from stones they had found.

photo (42)My favorite bit about the class (other than the fact that it wasn’t making a mess in my own kitchen) was the pace. Although I love cooking I always find it stressful with kids at home. I have the best intentions to remain calm but by the end of 20 minutes of kids falling off stools, redecorating with flour and the dog eating more of whatever we’re making, MUMMY’S LOST IT. At Cookery Doodle Doo they were allowed to work at their own pace, cutting, mixing and taking time to appreciate and enjoy each bit.

Even when one little girl got upset because her mummy tried to help, Nancy quickly calmed and diffused a tantrum.

groupIt was great value really. I’m a bit of a frugal mum so £8 is a bit more expensive than a playgroup I guess. But for such excellent one on one quality attention in a gorgeous setting the class is cheaper than a lot of the child care I know. Definitely worth it to see them leave full of confidence and smiling faces (as well as some yummy cooking).

Hunny was so delighted with herself. She hugged her cakes all the way back to the car singing to them. She’s always loved watching Katie on cbeebies ‘I Can Cook’ but this was the real thing.

photo (47)I’m not quite sure what ‘clicked’ while we were there but Hunny was absolutely lovely. A model child and I felt calm, relaxed and filled with pride.

We will be sure to go back to Cookery Doodle Doo. There’s loads of classes to choose from and they’re going to be at Brighton Foodie Festival from 4th May – pop and say hello if you’re going. Nancy also run a WildPlay group on Saturday mornings which sounds great. She said that grownups can sit and relax in the café while kids let off some steam in the woods (or join in if they want).

10 out of 10 from Hunny.

She loved it and I’ve never seen her so proud of herself.


1 Response to “Cookery Doodle Doo – Honey cakes with Hunny”

  1. 1 Maddie Sinclair April 28, 2013 at 12:08

    Sounds like fun! I should definitely do more cooking with Gammon. The child I mean, not the meat!

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