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Brighton Rocks – HiSbe


I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages. If you’re in Brighton and haven’t seen HisBe yet then check it out. If you’re not then show them some love and support anyway!

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Happy Solstice everyone

ImageI never really thought about why I started writing this blog.

Winter for me is basically 6 months of misery waiting for summer. This years ‘dark days’ have got the better of me and I’ve spent a lot of them wishing the ground would swallow me up. Then, each year, as soon as spring arrives again it feels like someone’s switched the light back on. Before kids I used to get by with a winter trip to the sun most years but things have changed.

Letting the ‘flock’ fly free

027According to Wiki, a group of children is either a “flock,” or a “bundle”. Doesn’t sound right to me. Surely some of the other group names feel more fitting? A ‘mob’ of Emu, a ‘crash’ of Hippo or even a ‘colony’ of bacteria!? Anyway, we’ve just got back from a fabulous weekend at Elderflower Fields Festival with some lovely friends and a ‘flock’ (or ‘bundle’) of kids. Our squawking ‘flock’ consisted of about 12 kids or various ages between 1 and 11. They all got on so well, not a squabble or moan all weekend. Continue reading ‘Letting the ‘flock’ fly free’

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