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Waste Less Live More Week

blackberriesLast week was  Waste Less Live More week and we took the challenge.

It’s pretty simple really.

A week of tips to help your family and the planet live a little better together.

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I’m a winner!

facesI never win anything.

My friend Maddie from Gammon and Chips (one of the MAD finalists) encouraged me to enter the MAD bloggers photo competition last week.

And I won!!!

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Honesty Tourettes

ImageWe’ve all been there. Excited child with a beautifully wrapped gift from a relative or friend. Hoping and preying that we have instilled that look of delight and happiness in them, that no matter what the gift contains, they will be polite and receive it gratefully.

After all, it’s only polite. Right?

Freedom HA HA

ImageNow that we are firmly back in the ‘real’ word of school, work and all that other boring stuff my heart is starting to sink a little. The seasons are changing and someone has already mentioned to dreaded ‘C’ word.

So I thought I’d cheer myself up on this wet and dreary day and reminisce about where our amazing summer holiday started this year.

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Morning rainbow

Morning rainbow

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