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Dear the Toth Fary

Tooth Fairy Letter

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We Love Brighton

brighton pier carousel

Although we’ve lived here for 13 years it’s easy to forget just what a fantastic place Brighton is. Now we are immersed in the world of school runs, mortgages, work and back to back episodes of Breaking Bad we rarely even make it to town. The days of non-stop partying and all day Sunday recovery lazing in the warm sunshine on the pebbles, now a faded  memory. Continue reading ‘We Love Brighton’

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

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Best family festival 2013

family at glastoNow summer is well and truly behind us and G&T’s in a field somewhere are a distant memory, we’ve been invited to vote for our favorite festival of 2013 by Festivalkidz.

We’re lucky enough to have been to our fair share this year through work or fabulously generous friends.

All have been great in their own little ways.

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Make someone SMILE today

harvey ball smileHappy World Smile Day!

Do an act of kindness, make someone smile today!

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High hopes for 2020

daisy jumpI have to admit that the Olympics completely passed us by last year.

Recently I’ve starting to feel guilty about my complete disregard to such a momentous occasion right on our door step, as it appears we have a bit of a little sports person in the making.

Daisy has started to show an interest in more than one sport and I need to start to nurture it.

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Gone but not forgotten

van horse

I have been really quite for a week or so as I have been getting over a loss.

It sounds ridiculous I know.

But anyone who knows us will understand how much we loved the thing we have said goodbye to.

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