High hopes for 2020

daisy jumpI have to admit that the Olympics completely passed us by last year.

Recently I’ve starting to feel guilty about my complete disregard to such a momentous occasion right on our door step, as it appears we have a bit of a little sports person in the making.

Daisy has started to show an interest in more than one sport and I need to start to nurture it.

 This comes as a big surprise to me as I was the master of PE excuses at school. Absolutely any reason I could think of to get out of those cold cross-country runs, feeling like you’re going to drop down dead. I would rather litter pick the entire playing field (and I usually did), than be the last man standing in the cruel world of team picking. I actually used to come a close third from last, behind the really fat kid and the one with glasses.

It appears we have a bit of a bendy little gymnast in the house.

The closest Rob gets to sport of any sort is when it’s an excuse to go down the pub and I was clearly at the back of the line when the sports gene was being shared out. So we are both surprised.

It certainly hasn’t come from us.

run the world

Just last week she announced she was running 1 kilometer as part of the run the world challenge and she needed 20 quid sponsorship to support Oxfam’s send my friend to school. She also had to have a pair of ‘proper running shoes’ so I managed to find some eco-friendly trainers from Vivobarefoot. The soles are actually made from recycle plastic bottles which I think is fabulous. Saving the world as you run.

Now I’m £35 down for trainers and £17 lighter for a sparkly gym leotard, she’s all set. Let’s just hope she doesn’t take up footie next.

It just goes to show, even with parents who have absolutely no interest in sport, if it’s in them, it will shine through.

High hopes for the 2020 Olympics. I’ve always fancied a trip to Japan!

Triple table tennis anyone?

triple table tennis


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