Leave our mums alone – Join the Bounty Mutiny!

daisy smile baby hunnyWho decided it was OK to allow sales reps in to maternity wards?

I have to admit that I had no idea till I read a petition set up by Vicky Garner. As I was lucky enough to have both of my babies in the comfort of my own home I never came across Bounty until I was offered a free sample pack in Boots.

bounty packFor anyone that hasn’t come across Bounty, it’s not a life time supply of coconut chocolate (I wish). Bounty are a commercial company who provide plastic bags full of free samples from baby brands (the ones that pay them at least) from pregnancy through to birth.

We are all increasingly aware of the value of our personal data and Bounty seem to have managed to wangle the monopoly on new mums by being allowed access to maternity wards under the guise of distribution child benefit forms.

Did you know that in 2011 – 2012 HMRC paid £90,000 to Bounty to distribute these forms via their packs? That’s £90k of taxpayers’ money to a commercial company for something that could easily be given out by midwives on a routine check or when births are registered. Even better, get with the 21st century and get new parents to complete them online and save a few million trees!

While I am on the subject of trees (and I do like to have a rant about them), Bounty seem to be intent of doing as much as they possibly can to support the most non eco-friendly products and brands available and completely ignore any ‘green’ alternatives. Partnering with large multinationals like Proctor & Gamble (makers of Pampers) and Coca-Cola (because we all need a free can of diet coke just after we have given birth!)

baby feetIt makes me so cross that new mums are subjected to such horrible product placement at such an emotionally vulnerable time. Offers of intrusive photo shoots, money off coupons, samples of stuff you’ll never use (except the mini sudocrem – quite useful actually), plus non-stop Disney board books beyond your babies 18th birthday, all for your name and address to join the ‘exclusive’ Bounty club.


Why is the NHS allowing this?

The first few hours with your new baby are precious ones that are never to be repeated. Allowing Bounty reps on Maternity wards is just sick. They should be pure and special moments to enjoy with your baby. Mums have the rest of their lives to be bombarded with the ridiculous array of baby brands.

newborn hunny & daisy


Women have reported feeling harassed by Bounty reps. What’s going on?

Over 25k people have signed the original petition urging the Government to ban all commercial businesses from maternity wards and since then Vickey has started a second petition asking for the Bounty contract with HMRC to terminated which has already reached 50k people.

If you agree that something needs to change and would like to join the Bounty Mutiny You can sign here.

If you have had any experiences of sales reps on maternity wards please email Vickey at garnerv@googlemail.com who started this petition.


1 Response to “Leave our mums alone – Join the Bounty Mutiny!”

  1. 1 Mummy to boyz November 3, 2013 at 22:31

    I had both boys at our local birthing centre- not a bounty rep or pack in sight! I still managed to get my child benefit without their form.

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