Starting school doesn’t have to cost the earth

hunny cool cLike thousands of parents across the country I have been thinking about getting my 4 year old ready for the next stage in her life.

Hunny starts school very soon and I feel really sad to be losing her. I am going to miss my little buddy so much, but I am excited and proud to be starting her on her journey of independence in to the big wide world.

I’ve been feeling rather annoyed for the last couple of weeks though. It started when I went to my daughters new school for her settling sessions.

recycled school uniformI know we all want our kids to look super shiny and smart on their first day at school but that crisp, clean uniform won’t stay that way for long. So Hunny is started school with pretty much all her uniform as hand me downs from her big sister or from friends, and she couldn’t care less.

We have got a couple of brand new bits from Ecooutfitters who make organic, ethical school uniform but we’ve decided to boycott the cheap sweat shop supermarket clothes probably made by children who should be going to school themselves. It made me so cross at our parent introduction meeting at our ‘eco’ school when the headmistress positively encouraged us to shop at one particular supermarket and mentioned the same shop several times. Such a shame when there are alternatives that don’t cost the earth.

I feel sad that so many kids in the world don’t get the same opportunities as ours. It’s easy to take school for granted but also to just expect our kids will learn what they need to from the education system. Hunny has been absolutely addicted to a little app called Reading Eggs all summer and has not only learnt all her letters but can read lots of simple words and is starting sentences. She is desperate to read like her big sister and loves books so much we want to help her enjoy them even more than she already does.

hunnyShe is so excited and every day she is asking ‘when am I going to school?’

We are running out of activities to do at home in these last few days of the holidays and have customised pretty much every piece of school kit we can.

customised micro scooterThis week we blinged up her old Micro Scooter. My eldest lost 2 of her scooters at primary school and I am determined not to lose another. Armed with the glue gun we cleared out the bottom of the toy box and I’m pretty sure there isn’t going to be another scooter in the world that looks like this!

If you have a tidy house and don’t keep draws full of plastic tat treasures like us, then there are some great accessories at Micro Scooter and they also do these neat little locks that fit through the wheels so there is no chance our scooter will disappear this time!

hunny flower

I feel like my little flower is ready to start school. We have had some amazing adventures together and I’m going to miss her so much. I want to cry whenever I think about it but I know she is going to love this new chapter in her life. 

Blossom little Hunny. I love you.





We receive a Micro Scooter lock and an Ecooutfitters shirt for this post. And if you are interested in a free trial of Reading Eggs find out more here


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