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The Tooth Fairy

Dear the Tooth Fairy…

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Post 40 detox (the Merrydown Cider part)

I’ve hit it hard recently. I turned 40 at the start of the year and we don’t seem to have stopped celebrating. Every weekend there has been another excuse to party, another birthday, a family gathering or get together with friends.

I’m starting to feel the strain.

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WIN tickets to Funk The Family Festival

funk the family logoOK, perhaps 7 festivals last year was greedy, but we just can’t get enough of lazing in a field somewhere on a sunny afternoon. Some brilliant music, cold cider in hand, surrounded but smiley happy people while the kids play.

But all the camping can get a little exhausting, especially if the weather isn’t perfect. So this year we may try to reign it in a little, (just a little).

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10 tips to enjoy (or survive) festivals with KIDS!

baby and parents at womad festival at rivermead readingOur kids have grown up at festivals.

It’s certainly a challenging experience with little ones especially if the weather’s bad.
More endurance than enjoyment.
But still we do it.
Come rain or shine.
We keep going back for more.
There is nothing quite like it.


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WIN a Greener Cleaner Spring Cleaning pack

flip flopsI saw my first bumble bee this week.

That’s enough for me to know SPRING is here. The flip flops are out and I have started throwing open the doors and windows at every possible opportunity. Time to dust off the cobwebs, shake out the rugs and finally give the windows a wash. I can no longer use the rain as a good enough reason for the chocolate and snot smeared windows.

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