People Power Change – a bit of a rant

Last night I attended a Brighton Pavilion candidate political debate organised by 38 Degrees.

Now I am not about to start preaching about who you should or shouldn’t vote for, but I am still going to have a rant.

I am sick of people saying that there is no point in voting for X Y or Z because they wont get in, or even worse, there’s no point in voting at all. This is just ridiculous.

I don’t claim to know much about politics. What I do know is what is right and wrong. I believe that we are in charge of our destiny and if we don’t stand up and be counted then how the fuck do we expect things to ever change?

Brighton 38 degree debate

Last night we watched representatives from the Socialists, Greens, Labour, Conservatives and a very late UKIP. I took my 9 year old who has great interest in all the posters in windows around Brighton. She’d asked me several times what each party was about and I found it hard to explain without a biased view. Although she didn’t understand some of the debate she had strong ideas about who she though spoke the most truth and who she didn’t like.

Socialists - Make decisions for the common good

Decisions for the common good

Daisy took a particular dislike the one of the candidates who strolled in very late clutching a half drunk jumbo bottle of Coca Cola (nice product placement mate but couldn’t you have left it at the door?). He managed to upset nearly everyone in the room stumbling round issues on the EU, housing, and even claimed that Global Warming didn’t exist! Daisy wasn’t impressed.

UKIP 38 degree Brighton

We’ve been around since the dinosaurs

The debate was interesting and I’m glad I saw it though the eyes of a child too. They make things much simpler. We are born with a sense of right and wrong. Choosing a path that we don’t really like or believe in just so someone else doesn’t get there first is just not in a child’s nature.

Conservative 38 Degrees Brighton

Privatisation of the NHS? Who me?

Voting is our right. I always tell my kids, if you don’t like something do something about it. Even if everyone else chooses the left path and you want to go right then make your voice heard.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. People died so we can vote. You can’t change things if you don’t speak up. And, if like many others, you feel your voice is not represented by anyone then do something about it.

PEOPLE POWER CHANGE – Vote for what you believe is right.

Thanks 38 DEGREES for hosting.

As Russell Brand said after interviewing the Green Party yesterday, ‘It’s about decent people with decent ideas’.




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