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Lego go green – Eco toys of the future

720_LEGO_brickslooseHow completely overdue is this?

I am thrilled to read that Lego are finally taking step to do the right thing (announced recently on the Lego site). But why has it taken so long for Lego to go green?

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WIN tickets to Chilled in a Field Festival


Chilled in a Field

For the last couple of years we’ve been trying to make it to this local festival in Sussex as we’ve heard brilliant things about it. Unfortunately, life has just got in the way so far, and this year we’ve gone and booked a holiday so will miss it again. Doh!

Bad luck for us, but great news for you lot as I have been given a family ticket by the lovely organisers for one of you to WIN.

Chilled in a Field (31st July-2nd August 2015) is a small family festival now in it’s third year, but with a reputation many older festivals would be super proud of. Last year they won a GOLD award in the Festival Kidz award and the year before they grabbed a SILVER. All I have read about this festival is excellent, and with their move to the lovely site of Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum, I’m sure it’s going to be a blinder.

I love the fact they are a not-for-profit social enterprise run entirely by volunteers. Every penny they make is put straight back into the festival to make it even better each year. It’s great to find a team of people so passionate about their cause who are all doing it for the love of festivals.

Crowd at Chilled in a Field Festival

Top 10 family festivals

So how do you WIN a family ticket to Chilled in a Field with a field somewhere?

Just read about a few of the things you can expect to find at Chilled over on their website and below, then tell us what you like the sound of most. SIMPLE!

I’m sure if you WIN a family ticket to Chilled in a Field you will have an amazing weekend and I’d love to hear about it. Good Luck all!

WIN a family ticket to Chilled in a Field Festival

Chilled in a Field was one of our ‘Best Family Festivals of 2014’. Limited tickets are still available via their website and a family of 4 can enjoy the whole weekend for less than £200 which is great value.

A friend

choicesI’ve just started on a little bit of a journey to become less stressed and more mindful.

Although I really enjoy life, and consider myself very lucky, I often find I’m in the bottom of a hole feeling cross, frustrated and tense. Don’t we all?

So, in an attempt to let go of some of these feelings I have started a course on ‘Skills for Emotional Well-being’. I have no idea where this is going to take me but as my memory is so shockingly bad I thought I’d jot something down each week.

As well as identifying some personal values, the first class was an exercise to write about someone you admire.

I wrote about an old friend.


Always happy

Excellent listener







Still FUN!

This person is always there for me and is one of the few people I could sit in silence with and would understand. We don’t always need to share our problems, and even if we don’t see each other for a while, it always feel like yesterday.

She is an AWESOME friend.

I’m not quite sure if it did anything for my mindfulness, or exactly what the purpose of the exercise was, but it’s quite nice to take a moment to write about a friend. Often it identifies the values we want others to see in us, or we aspire to have more of.

Give it a go.

I’ve actually written a letter to the same friend around this time last year.


And relax… Elderflower Fields festival review

Elderflower Fields picnic

8 months is a long time.

I thought the first festival of the year would never come.

After an absolutely amazing weekend at Shambala all those months ago I’ve been counting the days till we could be in a fields somewhere again. It’s been a LONG winter.

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