Lego go green – Eco toys of the future

720_LEGO_brickslooseHow completely overdue is this?

I am thrilled to read that Lego are finally taking step to do the right thing (announced recently on the Lego site). But why has it taken so long for Lego to go green?

Multimillion toy companies like Lego and Mattel are building the gadgets of the future. We have known about the impact of plastic on this planet for years. We have also known about all the alternatives to toxic plastic as manufacturers are already using them. Lego is one of the most educational toys available for kids (read why here) so surely they should be leading the way for future generations.

I wrote recently about Green Cleaner who make eco-friendly dustpans and other cleaning products. These are made from 60% recycled plastic and 40% wood pulp and there are hundreds of other products out there using innovative plastic alternatives.
beco bone

Companies like Ecover have been developing biodegradable plastic alternatives for years. My shoes and my bag are made of recycled plastic bottles (yes really), from companies like Lily Bloom and Vivobarefoot. You can even get an eco-friendly dog bone now!

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great that Lego are taking the steps they need to, but I wonder how quickly we will actually see this stuff on the shelf and if they really ‘care’ about the planet or it’s just another excuse to get us to buy even more Lego.

Not only is plastic bad for the planet, there have always been whispers about the dangers of teething children digesting dangerous chemicals and other nasties that leak from toxic plastic. My kids have chewed enough Lego in their lives and I’m sure I was partial to the odd 6 brick in my youth. I really love Lego but why has it taken so long?

sophie the giraffe eco friendly toy

There are plenty of small, independent toy companies making eco alternatives toys for little ones. Why does it always take the small people to lead the way?

Well done Lego for making the first step. Do you think that Legoland could possibly become 100% eco-friendly? Let’s start with all the plastic cups and disposable packaging hey?


Until then, perhaps we could all think a little more about what we are buying for our kids. Most of the toys in this house have come from car boot sales or charity shops but there are plenty of great eco-toy companies out there like Eco Toy Store, Green Bee Kids and Little Baby Company.


1 Response to “Lego go green – Eco toys of the future”

  1. 1 liska @NewMumOnline June 30, 2015 at 09:52

    You make great points. Love seeing Sophie La Giraffe here, as she is made of natural rubber and ahead of her times it would seem. My fav toy when Aaron was a baby.
    Liska xx

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