Blissfields festival by Daisy aged 9

blissfields campervan fieldWhen I first arrived at the campsite at Blissfields Festival, I got out of our campervan and saw that it was lovely and spacious. There was plenty of space to run around and practice my gymnastics and I thought it was a good festival to review.

Blissfields kids in boat

We could see the festival from our van, so we headed off straight away.


Me & dad blissfields


It was really easy to get in, and as soon as we got there we heard some great music.

Me and my dad started dancing. It was really cool. My dad accidently spilt beer on me, and I was wet.


The crafty rascals BlissfieldsThe thing I enjoyed most was that there was some cool craft things. For example, Stone carving. Over the weekend, I made a total of seven stone pendants. I also did some clothes upcycling in the Angel Gardens kids area. My sister and me made cool crop tops from old t-shirts, but my dad forgot to take hers off the front of the campervan and it blew away on our way home. She wasn’t very happy.

Hidden Hedge Blissfields

There was a place called the hidden hedge with loads of weird stuff. There was a rave tent there and at night there was loads of brilliant lights and patterns on old painted trampolines.



2015-07-02 19.13.31We loved the icecream van selling waffles and icecream. Their sign said they were award winning and we agree.

Blissfields was really fun to explore and there wasn’t loads of rubbish everywhere like at Secret Garden Party. There was lots of teenagers there and everyone was nice, but the toilets were stinky.

I think Blissfields was wild and weird, and crazy and creative and I would like to have another adventure there.

blissfields family in hammock


By Daisy aged 9

Blissfields is one of our Best Family Festivals and we can’t wait to go back for more silliness and family fun.

blissfields family


3 Responses to “Blissfields festival by Daisy aged 9”

  1. 1 Lulu Rutter July 8, 2015 at 18:06

    Well done Daisy, it looks like it was lovely x

  2. 2 TentSniffer July 10, 2015 at 12:40

    Thanks for linking up with the outdoor food posts at my blog. I love this review! Perfect festival news, great music, spilled beer, crafts and dancing…oh and of course out door eating!

  1. 1 blissfields-2017-review Trackback on August 20, 2017 at 17:49

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