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Received with love

2015-09-10 11.45.41Last week I wrote ‘sent with love’ when I parceled up some goodies and sent them off to my big sister in Australia.  Continue reading ‘Received with love’


‘I give up’ by Izzy Dix

No child should ever feel that life is not worth living.

Please read this sad story and help your children understand the consequence of their actions and words.

Let’s spread LOVE to our children as much as we possibly can.

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Sent with love

babysarahLike most people with loved ones abroad I have become lazy over the last few years. The easy of Facebook, email, Skype and ordering gifts online have made me almost forget the love of receiving a hand packaged parcel from overseas. Or the enjoyment of parcelling up something special to send to someone I love and imagining their delight as they open it.

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