Received with love

2015-09-10 11.45.41Last week I wrote ‘sent with love’ when I parceled up some goodies and sent them off to my big sister in Australia. image4

Here she is opening her parcel just 5 days later. Amazingly it arrived right on her birthday which is just fantastic.

Thanks parcel2go for such a brilliant service. After being stopped by customs every time we have visited Oz I was pretty worried about it arriving as it was stuffed full of food.

Can I post Marmite to Australia?


After reading a very extensive list of items that are prohibited on the Australian government website and also on the International courier service website I half expected my parcel to get stopped at customs.

Having gone through a full body sniff test from a customs dog on entering Australia on our last trip I knew it was pretty strict. I had visions of my Battenburg being scoffed by two burly customs officers and the packs of Walkers to be savaged by beagles. But it arrived and I think you can see how happy she was.

Happy Birthday big sis.

Hooray for snail mail!


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