super duper easy alcoholic fudge


amarula fudge ingredientsNothing like leaving it till the last minute.

If, like my husband, you are still to do your Xmas shopping and had all the plans to hand craft your gifts, this could be just the ticket.

This is a total cheats perfect home-made gift and you can get the ingredients at pretty much any shop (including Tesco Express!) I managed to pull this together in just 30 minutes in the midst of Christmas carnage and sugar fueled crazy kids.

top shelf boozeAny booze will do.
We seem to have a rather unhealthy top shelf at the moment so I had the choice of rum, whisky, Baileys, Kaluha and all manner of other dodgy liquors. Pondering for a moment, I decided on an unopened bottle of Amarula. Apparently, contrary to what the kids though from the bottle, it’s not in fact Elephant flavour, but flavoured with the fruit of the same name.
You need:
Tin of condensed milk (think most are around 400g)
400g Good chocolate (any will do but the Belgian cooking stuff works best for me) around 2 bars (give or take a chunk for tasting)
Booze – around 100ml
Lined tray with grease proof paper (not essential but makes washing up so much easier.
Spoon / pan (microwave helps but not essential)
Amarula fudge home-made

1. Gently heat the condensed milk in a pan. (Unlike me who almost burnt the lot when small child decided to have a mega tantrum).

2. Melt the chocolate in microwave (30 second burst so it doesn’t burn)
3. Add the chocolate and the booze to the condensed milk and stir quickly. It starts to set almost immediately so pour it in the pre-lined tray as quick as poss.
4. Stick it in the fridge. Chop it up.
Amarula fudgeHEY PRESTO!
5. Bag it, box it, or just scoff the lot!
Enjoy. This super duper easy alcoholic fudge can be made with pretty much any booze and is a great gift or midnight treat.
Happy Christmas to you all.

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