Earth Hour 2016 19th March 8.30-9.30

For those that don’t know, Earth Hour is this Saturday 19th March.

We will be joining millions of people across the world by turning off the lights for an hour at 8.30. (I might even manage to turn the WiFi off!)

Will you join us?

We’re going to go for it this year and head off in the van with plenty of candles, books and blankets. We’ll only go a few miles (it is Earth Hour after all), and our first camping trip of the year will be a chance to totally switch off for the night.

As the world stands at a climate crossroads, it’s important to realise that our actions today will decide what tomorrow will look like for our children and their children. This Earth Hour, ​switch on your social power​ to shine a light on climate action.

This is our time to #ChangeClimateChange

Earth Hour is on Saturday, 19 March 2016 8:30 p.m. local time.


More info at

Earth Hour


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