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Review Nature Bee

bee collecting pollen from gardenBeauty products are a world that seems to have passed me by in life. I’ve never really bought make-up (unless it’s the sparkly glitter variety), and a large pot of one-cream-for-all moisturiser is generally the extent of my beauty regime.

Can you tell?

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Big Kahuna Festival -Twistin’ my melon man! WIN tickets

Big Kahuna header

The Big Kahuna Festival – ‘You’re twistin’ my melon man!’

Absolutely gutted we can’t make this one.

It’s not often a new festival is announced that blows the socks off others for me. We’ve done our fair share of partying in a field over the years and now have our firm favourites. It takes a lot for us to be swayed from the festivals we know always deliver, but The Big Kahuna look totally f*****g awesome.

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Now you are Six

 new earrings‘So when they ask for a tattoo at 15 will you say yes?’
I’ve been really surprised at the reaction to letting my youngest get her ears pierced for her sixth birthday. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that she was too young. Is there a right age to get your ears pierced?

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