Review: BoomTown by Daisy aged 10 ¾

BoomTown is the best festival in the world!

I LOVE BoomTown. It’s the most epical festival I have ever been to and I want to go every year for the rest of my life.

Read my BoomTown family review:

boomtown festival kid

We drove in our campervan from Brighton in about 2 hours but it took us almost the whole day to get in. We had loads of snacks in the van and me and my sister liked sitting on the bed in the traffic waving to people in the other cars. We put loads of glitter on and got dressed up for the festival.

Boomtown traffic jam

When we got in we parked in the artist’s carnival camp because there was no room in family camping. This was really cool because we could see all the people getting ready for the procession on Sunday morning. We followed it right from our van all around the festival and the costumes were amazing.

boomtown parade

BoomTown is really big so we had to walk loads every day but it didn’t bother me until bedtime. Mum carried Hunny back to the van most nights but I had to walk up a massive hill. KidzTown was right near us so it was really easy to get to and we went there each morning for a bit.

Boomtown family

There was some woods near our van and nature and forest school stuff happening. There was a zip wire and a big climbing net which was really cool. I climbed a really good climbing tree with a tree climbing man and then jumped off. I felt like I was flying!

2016-08-14 12.49.04 HDR

My sister Hunny said her favourite place was KidsTown and also the giant sandpits in the woods where the raves were. I liked Mayfair the best because it was so much fun.

boomtown kidstown

I thought all the actors everywhere were so funny. I’d really love to do that job and make people have a brilliant festival. I don’t know if they get paid but I would do it for free if I got to dress up every day and go to BoomTown.

Boomtown family review

My only bad point was when someone fell on me and I got hurt. I was doing a trick to get BoomTown money. You had to get this giant olive off a cocktail stick with your mouth. This man got pushed over by his girlfriend who was mucking around and landed on me. It really hurt my mouth and I cut my tongue and leg up on the ground. Mum was worried about me cos I was bleeding but I was OK.

olive injury

The best thing of the whole weekend was when we went to the bank with our BoomTown money. They though me and my sister were princesses and it was so funny. We pretended mum and dad were our servants and they told them to do some tricks.

boomtown mayfair bank

Dad had to try and pull a nail out of the desk with a hammer which was impossible. All the people in there were doing silly things but we got picked to meet the bank manager who we beat at Buckaroo and won these really cool Boomtown T-shirts. I was so excited!

2016-08-13 14.32.04

I also quite liked the bands but there were really loud. When I’d had enough of the music we could go and find a hammock and some people were really nice and let us get in.

Boomtown piano

We saw a really exciting pirate show on this massive ship and I also watched a man put a drill up his nose and swing a battery pack on his nipples. Mum didn’t let Hunny watch because she’s only six but I thought he was really good. Stupid, but really good.

Boom town festival

I went on stage with an acrobat man and we had a gymnastics competition. Everyone clapped when I did a backward walkover like the man.

festival acrobats kid

It’s  ginormous and very busy but we found Boomtown kid friendly. I couldn’t wander off on my own like other festivals though. All the people at BoomTown are totally crazy and I loved it.

BoomTown is the most epical festival in the world!

Boomtown family review

Boomtown family review by Daisy aged 10 ¾


5 Responses to “Review: BoomTown by Daisy aged 10 ¾”

  1. 1 Rebecca ifill September 3, 2016 at 18:46

    Brilliant daisy, so glad to hear you had a rocking time. I think I will go next year it sound like a blast x

  2. 2 Samantha Pinder March 9, 2017 at 01:32

    My 10 year old, Lola, is gonna FREAK!!

  3. 4 ADAM HODKINSON March 13, 2017 at 13:03

    It’s amazing – my 6 year old will love it as she’s bonkers!

  1. 1 Boomtown 2016 Review - Festival Kidz Trackback on September 2, 2016 at 19:27

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