Review: The First Hippo On The Moon Live – by Hunny 6¾

This week I hand you over to Hunny for her first review.

David Walliams’ First Hippo on the Moon is a new show currently touring the UK. We were lucky enough to see the last adaptation of one of his brilliant books – Gangsta Granny –  read the review here.

Now avid fans of his classic children’s stories, we’ll be keenly waiting for each of the theatre adaptations.

Over to Hunny (spelling and typing by mum):

I never knew a hippo could go to the moon!

It’s just so weird.

Like, you know that birds can fly and a dog has been to the moon. Then there’s a cow that can jump over the moon. But hippos?

Dream BIG is the moral of the story

Sheila really wants to go to the moon but her old friend (Hercules Waldorf-Franklin III) steels her dream.

That’s not very friendly, is it?

Sheila learned that it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters who you do it with.

She wanted to go to the moon and her jungle friends helped her.

Then she knew that money isn’t important, it’s friends. Dereck the ostrich, Keith the giraffe and Scratch n Sniff, which I think were porcupines, but not sure. They light the rocket. Whoosh!

first hippo on the moon live review


Oh, and there was Silver Bob. He was just SO funny. He kept falling asleep. I loved his singing – it made me want to dance.

We joined in with all the songs.

Did you know that pigs can’t fly?

And pigs can’t see the sky, because of the position of their eyes?

The best bit was when they collected poo from the audience and found a great big pile of it under a ladies seat.

Believe in the power of the doo doo!’

I kept watching the people on stage and forgetting to watch the puppets, but that doesn’t matter.

It was fun.

Hunny – age 6¾

The First Hippo on the Moon is a delightful piece of puppetry for preschoolers. The perfect balance of toilet humour and thoughtful morals from the master of kids story telling, David Walliams.  Brought to life by the children’s arm of the exciting Les Enfants Terribles. Les Petits Theatre Company introduce the youngest of audiences to the magic of theatre.

If you’ve ever pondered how much putrid pongy poo it would take to get a home made rocket and a Hippo to the moon, this is the show for you. Philosophical little ones will delight in seeing Sheila gather, ferment and fly, only to discover that there are easier ways to see the stars.

The best friends are those that stick by you in life, even when things are feeling pretty poo. And this show contains A LOT of poo.




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