Just getting old?

How often do you hear people say ‘I’m just getting old’?

It’s starting to be a few too many times for me.

It’s true to say I’ve been reasonably tough on my body. I’ve partied hard and put it through its paces but now friends are start to fall apart and need things like hip operations, I’m suddenly feeling old.


Now in my 40’s it seems I’ve arrived at a cross roads of health. I’ve never been one for organised exercise and although I’m quite active it seems I’ve reached a junction and a decision needs to be made. Veg out moaning and groaning on the sofa about getting old, or take some action to live well.

Do you groan when you get up?

Do you have to lie on the bed to get your socks on? (my husband – not me)

Are you ‘just getting old’?

Over the last few years I’ve found I suffer from constant niggles and pains so I’ve decided to take steps to counter act these. I’ve taken up Zumba as I’ve always loved dancing and this is one way of getting my fix without involving late nights, drinking and a sore head in the morning.

park run brightonI’m not someone who could ever imagine themselves in a gym but I have started small steps to exercise.

My whole family have recently registered with Park Run and even my youngest is getting the bug. We are the least competitive family I know but challenging ourselves to beat our previous weeks time is actually become quite fun. Park Run is a free weekly run open to all and held in parks across the UK. It’s a really great way to get outdoors and many people just start off really gently even walking some of the 5k course.

We’ve also started a weekly roller disco which is heaps of fun. No one has broken anything yet either!

roller disco kidI’m not giving in to age and I don’t want to become a couch potato. We are a reasonably healthy family and we eat well but another step I’ve taken to being kinder to my body and the planet is to go meat free (almost). I did cave in last week at the pub but since Christmas I haven’t had any meat and the rest of the family are eating much less.

Looking after ourselves isn’t just about food and exercise. General well-being and self-care needs to be whole body and include our minds and things that lift the spirit. I’ve treated myself to a couple of massages and been realigned by a chiropractor recently. As a special birthday treat I’ve enjoyed an indulgent spa day with friends which was wonderful food for the soul. It’s great to spend time with people who lift the spirits and an important part of feeling good about ourselves. I’m going to see more of my friends and have also promised myself a monthly sports massage to help with all the real aches and pains.

So the dark winter months haven’t taken over this year. It’s the first year I have breezed through from December to March without those long grey days and niggling aches getting the better of me. I am fabulous and I feel great!

It’s easy to give in and agree with the theory that we are just getting old. To believe that our bodies are wearing out and they are irreparable. In fact they are very sophisticated machines with an amazing ability to repair themselves. I’m hoping if I look after mine it will serve me well for a few years to come!



1 Response to “Just getting old?”

  1. 1 Kate February 28, 2017 at 22:11

    Love this sarah Ryman…! I have been better this year too and I’m sure it’s cos I’m fitter and healthier.. need to see more of my Friends though xxx great
    Blog x #nevergettingold

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