Review: Elderflower Fields Festival – By Daisy aged 11

A really fun and family friendly festival. I’ve been before but this year was the best so far because lots of my friends came. Read my Elderflower Fields review here…

 elderflower fields

As an 11 year old, I loved the freedom aspect of Elderflower Fields. Because it is not a busy festival and quite small I am allowed to go off and explore without adults. But it’s not too small to enjoy and discover new things.

The Big Tree Climbing Co

When we arrived we went straight to the woods to do some proper tree climbing with ropes, harnesses and a giant zip wire. It was great and quite funny because we kept getting stuck in the trees. The zip wire wasn’t scary enough for me. Can you make it faster next year please?

There’s a sports camp you can do but I didn’t join in as I don’t really like sports. I did try the mountain boarding though. This was really fun but I didn’t like carrying it back up the hill each time because it was really hot and tiring. When you are going down it’s really fast and exciting.

We challenged ourselves to do some really cool aerial moves on a high rope loop. I loved this and have just started classes to learn more. I also made it to the top of the trickiest level on the climbing wall.

The atmosphere at Elderflower Fields is really arty, creative and adventurous.  Everywhere you go there is always colourful art which makes it feel magical. There is an unforgettable landscape of meadows and wilderness to look at everywhere.

Although it’s small, there is loads to do and it’s hard to get bored at Elderflower Fields as there’s always something new to find. There’s also a fabulous sweet stall which sells millions of sweet.

Elderflower Fields review

All the food at Elderflower Fields is really nice especially the free picnic on Sunday which is good because everybody gets together. They provide lots of treats so everyone gets to share with your friends and family. My sister really liked the chocolate milk in the picnic and I loved the Elderflower fizzy drink. The bread and cheese (Sussex Charmer) was delicious too.

Me and my friends bumped is to this brilliant magician in the woods who showed us some gob-smacking tricks witch we still don’t know how to do.

wild swimming kids

One of the best things about Elderflower fields is the setting. There are loads of amazing trees to climb and countless adventures to be had.

 Elderflower Fields rocks!!!

Elderflower Fields review by Daisy aged 11

– Kid rated




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