Making friends at Blissfields – Daisy 11

blissfields kids review

If you are looking for a small family friendly festival stuffed full of fun and kindness, Blissfields is hard to beat. We last visited in 2015 and fell in love with this great little festival. You can read this year’s full family Blissfields review at Festival Kidz here.

Find out why this is the perfect festival for kids is Daisy’s Blissfields kids review here:Blissfields is a really lovely festival full of kind friendly people.

Because its so small I can go of on my own and not worry about getting lost. It was really sunny so we had to find lots of shade but that was ok because there were loads of trees and places to chill out.

festival friends

I made a new friend called Molly and we had loads of fun together. Festivals are great for meeting people and making friends. Blissfields was so good because it’s small and we could find each other.

festival kids

There were lots of fun and exciting things to do like space hopper races, giant connect four, musical bingo and more!

circus toys kids

I enjoyed going round all of the stalls like the circus shop where me and my sister spent loads of time playing with everything.


Molly and I watched Lady Leshurr together. We got right to the front of the stage. It was so cool watching our favourite singer perform live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

festival family friends

We hung out with Molly’s family quite a bit over the weekend. It was nice to make new friends. My sister played with her brother while our parents watched some DJ’s.

Dad made friends with a friendly bar man and got lots of free drinks which he was very happy about.

My mum also got to catch up with some of her old festival friends whilst I was playing.

Just to make everything even better there was a hot air balloon! Unfortunately we didn’t get to go on it because the queue was so big. We got candy floss instead.

Overall Blissfields 2017 was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Blissfields festival is taking a break in 2018 but we hope to be back in 2019 with an actual TEENAGER. Eeeek!!

a field somewhere festival


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