Review: Camp Bestival 2017 – Hunny age 7

festival kid in mudI loved Camp Bestival but it was very, very muddy! We still had lots of fun. The mud makes it really FUN!

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Me and my friend Sarah always went on the swing boats. I think they cost £1 but dad paid.worlds largest bouncy castle

The worst bit about the festival was the giant bouncy castle and I really wanted to go on it but I couldn’t. (poor weather conditions) That made me really cross.

Then we found a min bouncy castle and it was all flobidy flobidy and great fun.festival family in mudThe mud was really messy and slippery and mum didn’t like it. I though it was good because is was slobidy and slippery.

camp bestival

There was a big robot which flashed up at night so I always knew where I was. It had words on it’s tummy.

I really liked the mud kitchen in the woods because it was all messy and I made mud soup to share with mummy and daddy. We also got to try lots of free cereal every day which was yummy. I tried churros and didn’t like them but I loved getting free Randoms at the sweet factory.


We had to wait for hours to go in the Lego Friends place cos I really wanted to. The disco was cool and they gave us a goodie bag with Lego Friends in but I’ve lost lots of my pieces already in the campervan.

camp bestival

The best bit was the caravan place with lots of things to could climb on.

festival family in mud

I liked the giant disco ball and meeting silly people. There is a big castle at Camp Bestival. We went round and round it.

Camp Bestival kids reviewBehind the castle was the big stage and we watched Mr Tumble from the steps in the rain.

We went in the woods to get away from the music and we found some books to read. I shot a rocket up in the air too.

festival kid in mud

I loved Camp Bestival and want it to be more muddy next year! Can we have a mud slide?

Note from mum: Not all the family enjoyed the mud as much as Hunny

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