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Elderflower Fields 2019

Daisy writes…

This Elderflower Fields was the first time that I bought a friend with me. It was her first time at a festival and she said it was a great experience. We spent most of our time sitting on the main field chatting and watching bands and music.

We also spent lots of time in the woods where there were loads of activities and food stalls. One of my favourite things in the woods this year was the giant hanging nets [Monkey Do] which we just loved. You could climb up really high then throw yourself down on the bouncy nets or just hang out with friends.

At night time there was a brilliant silent disco where at the start they played songs that kids my age would listen to and then later there was older songs for parents.

During the day there was loads of free stuff to do so we never got bored. There’s always something arty or sports happening or you can just chill out to music.

Elderflower Fields review

There were aerial and circus workshops, which we took part in and really enjoyed. It’s good that kids of all ages could join in with this and lots of other things. Close by there were trampolines which were very fun but I thought the rules were too strict because we weren’t allowed to do flips.

Most stuff is free so you can just join in except mountain boarding, kayaking and tree climbing which you needed to pay for. I think it was £10 but we spent our money on sweets and ice cream.

There is also a sports and an art camp for free which I’ve done before but now I prefer just chilling out in the woods.

There is a large selection of food there so anyone will enjoy it but we mostly eat stuff we’ve cooked back at camp. Mine and my sister’s favourite is the crepes but they are very expensive so we worked out how to make our own on the fire at the campsite. Ollie’s fish shack is amazing too. The best chips ever!

We are always camped at the bottom of the hill so it’s easy to get into the festival, although on the way home, there is a massive hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love going to Elderflower Fields because the atmosphere is so nice and calm so I always feel very safe. It is quite a big festival but never crowded so once you know your way around most older kids are happy to roam about making friends. Everyone is really nice and at night we tend to hang out in a group near the music with other families. 

I think Elderflower Fields is my favourite festival to relax at. See you next year! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


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