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Love and rage

A wise woman said to me, ‘we are all at different stages in this journey. Many are just waking up. There is no point blaming or being angry with others. We must drown them in love and knowledge’. 

Civil disobedience works. I feel conditioned to say I’m sorry for the disturbance I cause, but I am not. I’ve never cared much for what others think, but I do care about others welfare. This is why I take to the streets with thousands of other humans.
Soon more than 1000 good people will have sacrificed their freedom to force immediate action on the climate emergency. This is not going away. We do not cause distraction and waste police resources out of choice. We have no other choice. Change is coming if we choose to accept it or not. The option we have is to ignore it or to act while we still can. NOW.
People have never liked rebellion but it is proven in history to get things done. I have met many amazing people in London, all ages from all walks of life, and each feels drawn to act in this mass movement. This is a planet wide problem and we need to come together, tell the truth and work things out.
Whatever stage you are at on this journey, I hope you are coming to understand why so many have been drawn to the streets. For me, I had no choice. How can I tell my kids I did nothing while I could?

Love and rage from planet earth


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