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I love Aladdin

As cartoon characters go, Aladdin has to be up there near the top of the hunk lists, right?

Perhaps just me then.

Tall, dark and mysterious with his own flying carpet. What more could any girl need? He even has a monkey who can make tea. Win!

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Wingardium leviOsa!

Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?

We are big fans of ‘make-believe’, the world would be a far duller place if it wasn’t for the ability to journey inside imagination.

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Panto returns to Brighton

With Christmas shows becoming a firm tradition in our family as the kids have grown, we were delighted to see the return of big stage panto to Brighton this year.

Spoilt for choice in 2017, Brighton welcomes not one but four productions across the city.

One of the most popular fairytales retold in panto has to be the story of Cinderella. We were lucky enough to catch the opening night at Hilton Brighton Metropole.

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Panto Season is here again!

Oh NO it isn’t!

We’ve become somewhat of a panto family over the last 5 years. Without realising it we have joined millions of families in this uniquely British tradition of screaming ‘he’s behind you!’ at a large man in a dress on stage.

This year, Daisy is actually taking part in a professional panto herself, so we really are going the whole way with panto fever.

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Halloween fun at Tulleys Farm

We dare you!!

With summer over and the nights getting darker we are missing being outdoors. Luckily for us Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to get in the mood for it than a Halloween Festival!

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Camping in the forest at Hollands Wood

a field somewhere

We have just returned from a relaxing break in The New Forest at a magical family campsite called Hollands Wood.

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Just getting old?

How often do you hear people say ‘I’m just getting old’?

It’s starting to be a few too many times for me.

It’s true to say I’ve been reasonably tough on my body. I’ve partied hard and put it through its paces but now friends are start to fall apart and need things like hip operations, I’m suddenly feeling old.

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Review: The First Hippo On The Moon Live – by Hunny 6¾

This week I hand you over to Hunny for her first review.

David Walliams’ First Hippo on the Moon is a new show currently touring the UK. We were lucky enough to see the last adaptation of one of his brilliant books – Gangsta Granny –  read the review here.

Now avid fans of his classic children’s stories, we’ll be keenly waiting for each of the theatre adaptations.

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Review: Peter Pan panto Worthing

dick & Dom“Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning!” – Peter Pan.

I don’t care how cheesy some people think panto is. You just can’t resist the look on your kid’s faces in the theatre at Christmas. It’s the perfect introduction to the magic of live shows. So much fun for even the smallest children who are free to call out and get really involved in the action.

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Review: Bewilder Box Escape Room Brighton

Bewilder box reviewA long time ago (the 80’s)

in a town not too far away…

The Bewilder Box initiative was born. Brighton’s newest and most exciting escape room yet!

With the world falling apart and my Facebook feed full of doom and gloom. Nothing in sight but the impending misery of another plastic commercial Christmas. The news full of increasing austerity and war on every corner. Is it the end of the human race as we know it?

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Our craziest family adventure

Boomtown family reviewAs summer draws to an end we’ve been reminiscing about our favourite family adventures this year. There have been so many fantastic times, but when I asked the kids what their most memorable adventure was, they both shouted


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Review: Project: Oggbots


project oggbotsFun, creative and educational. As parents, we’ll probably all agree this is what we look for in entertainment for our kids. We’ve just experienced Project: Oggbots from the brilliant not-for-profit Brighton arts company Root Experience, and it ticked all the boxes.

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Zombies! Quick and easy costumes

One of the easiest fancy dress ideas to pull off last minute is the delightful zombie. Perfect for Halloween, or just a regular night out on the town. Here’s a few quick and easy zombie tips on entering the world of the undead this Halloween.

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Review: Handmade Mysteries in Brighton

A bizarre night out with a crazy lady in red.

Last night I got all immersive with some wonderful creatures. I kissed a rabbit, stroked a skull, got down on my knees, and danced to Chris De Burgh.

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Review: Arundel Castle and Gardens

review Arundel CastleWe are just slightly obsessed with castles. I have a vision that one day we will build our own. Just a small one mind. Nothing too greedy. Continue reading ‘Review: Arundel Castle and Gardens’

Review: The Outdoors Project – Kid rated

Keeping the kids busy in the school holidays is a challenge. It’s easy to resort to screen time if you don’t have anything planned and they are driving you crazy. Imagine how delighted I was when my 10 and 6-year-old were invited to check out The Outdoors Project holiday club in Brighton for the day and burn off some excess energy.

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Taming the tantrum – one glitter shake at a time

As a parent, learning how to effectively discipline your kids can be pretty tough. The mind jar glitter shaker can be a great solution because your child will begin to associate it with a time to relax and calm down.

Listen to me. What an expert! We actually tried a mind jar for a while when my youngest was 3 but the tantrums in this house got so bad it was hurled against the wall. (By my daughter, not me)

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Advent experience 2: Cinderella Worthing

cinderella pantoLast week we started our advent calendar countdown for the kids with a trip to the Enchanted Gardens in Lewes, and this week their treat was just as magical.

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Advent experience 1: Enchanted Lewes

Hope HumanI love watching the kids get more and more excited in the build up to Christmas. Our eldest is now 10 and I am fully aware that the magic doesn’t last for ever. Although she is still a firm believer, I know it wont be long before the childhood bubble bursts.

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Knockhatch Adventure Park – whatever the weather

2015-07-24 17.32.54Summer Holidays are here!

Long hot days. Hazy memories of picnics in the sun and staying out it just a t-shirt till it’s dark.

Well, at least that’s how I remember my childhood.

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