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Love and rage

A wise woman said to me, ‘we are all at different stages in this journey. Many are just waking up. There is no point blaming or being angry with others. We must drown them in love and knowledge’. 

Civil disobedience works. I feel conditioned to say I’m sorry for the disturbance I cause, but I am not. I’ve never cared much for what others think, but I do care about others welfare. This is why I take to the streets with thousands of other humans.
Soon more than 1000 good people will have sacrificed their freedom to force immediate action on the climate emergency. This is not going away. We do not cause distraction and waste police resources out of choice. We have no other choice. Change is coming if we choose to accept it or not. The option we have is to ignore it or to act while we still can. NOW.
People have never liked rebellion but it is proven in history to get things done. I have met many amazing people in London, all ages from all walks of life, and each feels drawn to act in this mass movement. This is a planet wide problem and we need to come together, tell the truth and work things out.
Whatever stage you are at on this journey, I hope you are coming to understand why so many have been drawn to the streets. For me, I had no choice. How can I tell my kids I did nothing while I could?

Love and rage from planet earth


Guilt-free shopping – 5 reasons to buy second hand

tween fashionToday I tried to go shopping for my eldest daughter’s birthday. Quickly racing through the scary world of tweens. She is very fashion conscious, and sadly a total victim of todays fast-paced consumer society. I struggle hugely to go guilt-free shopping but also give the kids gifts they will love.

Although I want to treat her to lots of lovely things as I love her dearly, I also need her to understand that our planet can’t keep up with the ever-growing demand for new stuff.

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Review: Eden Project Cornwall – Beyond Imagination

We’ve recently visited the Eden Project in Cornwall for the first time in 10 years and it really is beyond imagination.

eden project family

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Travel is Education – A Spanish Adventure

family holiday feetWe have just returned from a fab road trip with kids around Northern Spain. Our adventure, like most travel, has taught us all so many things, so I wanted to share them and give the kids a chance to look back at this post and remember our amazing family time together.

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Lego go green – Eco toys of the future

720_LEGO_brickslooseHow completely overdue is this?

I am thrilled to read that Lego are finally taking step to do the right thing (announced recently on the Lego site). But why has it taken so long for Lego to go green?

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The Real Junk Food Project Brighton

The Real Junk Food Project

How much food do you throw away?

Almost half the food the world produces (that’s 2bn tonnes) is wasted every year, yet there are 842 million hungry people in the world.


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People Power Change – a bit of a rant

Last night I attended a Brighton Pavilion candidate political debate organised by 38 Degrees.

Now I am not about to start preaching about who you should or shouldn’t vote for, but I am still going to have a rant. Continue reading ‘People Power Change – a bit of a rant’

Lights out! Earth Hour

earth-hour-20151This Saturday, at 8:30 is Earth Hour.

I will be joining millions of people across the world (including the Queen), and switching off.

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Starting school doesn’t have to cost the earth

hunny cool cLike thousands of parents across the country I have been thinking about getting my 4 year old ready for the next stage in her life.

Hunny starts school very soon and I feel really sad to be losing her. I am going to miss my little buddy so much, but I am excited and proud to be starting her on her journey of independence in to the big wide world.

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#EarthDay 2014 Mini Sparkles

mini sparkles 2014

Today is Earth Day and exactly a year ago we made a pledge and planted ‘Mini Sparkles’, a little silver tree. We promised to try to visit it in the wild (Hollingdean actually) every year to see how it was getting on.


Well, we think we found our little tree. In our excitement last year we hadn’t really marked the spot and ‘The Wild’ changes quite a bit in a year. It’s a jungle out there!

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Tell Tesco to stop dumping plastic in our oceans

OK, we all know shopping in big multinationals is not the greatest idea.

I am guilty of popping in to any old shop that happens to be on my route home without really thinking about it.

But if we really do have all this buying power in our hands then surely we should have a voice. After all, we are keeping them in business, and if enough of us stop shopping there they will have to start listening.

Wont they?

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Why are you ruining our world? – FRACK OFF!

boy with anti fracking banner Balcombe

boy with anti fracking banner Balcombe

What’s the story?

If you haven’t heard.

FRACKING is here.

Right on our door step.

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Brighton Rocks – HiSbe


I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages. If you’re in Brighton and haven’t seen HisBe yet then check it out. If you’re not then show them some love and support anyway!

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Pledge to change – International Earth Day

ImageToday is International Earth Day and we pledged to plant a tree over on the new KalliKids blog last week.

The kids had already added themselves to the Face of Climate campaign and we decided to make a green pledge.

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Plastic, plastic everywhere

I recently QUITE my dreadful guilty pleasure ebay (read about it here).

ImageBut on Friday I had the day off from life and found myself wandering in town twiddling my thumbs and accidentally (on purpose) stumbled in to a shoe shop.

Whoops! After hammering the plastic I managed to justify my spending by the fact that the soles of my lovely new shoes are made from 50% recycled plastic bottles (and they are oh so pretty and comfy!)

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I Quit

It’s become a dreadful guilty pleasure over the years.

At first it was limited to at home in private only.

But more recently I have lost all will power.

Started even to do it in public.


So that’s it.


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