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Earth Hour 2016 19th March 8.30-9.30

For those that don’t know, Earth Hour is this Saturday 19th March.

We will be joining millions of people across the world by turning off the lights for an hour at 8.30. (I might even manage to turn the WiFi off!)

Will you join us?

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Received with love

2015-09-10 11.45.41Last week I wrote ‘sent with love’ when I parceled up some goodies and sent them off to my big sister in Australia.  Continue reading ‘Received with love’

‘I give up’ by Izzy Dix

No child should ever feel that life is not worth living.

Please read this sad story and help your children understand the consequence of their actions and words.

Let’s spread LOVE to our children as much as we possibly can.

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Sent with love

babysarahLike most people with loved ones abroad I have become lazy over the last few years. The easy of Facebook, email, Skype and ordering gifts online have made me almost forget the love of receiving a hand packaged parcel from overseas. Or the enjoyment of parcelling up something special to send to someone I love and imagining their delight as they open it.

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Travel is Education – A Spanish Adventure

family holiday feetWe have just returned from a fab road trip with kids around Northern Spain. Our adventure, like most travel, has taught us all so many things, so I wanted to share them and give the kids a chance to look back at this post and remember our amazing family time together.

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I have moved…

Thanks for visiting. I have now moved to

Come visit soon

xa field somewhere

Give moments not things

collect momentsAnyone else starting to stress out about Christmas?

Am I the only person getting sick of buying plastic toys that never get played with?

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Silent Sunday 9/11/14


My 4 year old Junkie

hunny detoxJunkie:

  • A person suffering from addiction. Most commonly used to refer to an addict of controlled or illegal substances.
  • A hyperbolic expression for a person with a particularly strong enthusiasm for some activity, e.g. ‘a TV junkie’, ‘a ski junkie’, ‘a dummy junkie’?

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Men in dresses (and other 40+ anomalies)

shambala festival men in dressesYeh, yeh. It’s another festival post. Yawn.

Actually… it’s not.

I felt compelled to document the latest weird occurrence I have witnessed…

OK, yes. It was at a festival.

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Support petition to get Saunders Park building site repaired

saunders parkIf you are a parent in Brighton then you probably know Saunders Park. Your kids may have enjoyed a cool down on one of these recent hot days in the paddling pool there.

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Happy memories

family moment

My favorite family moment. Taking my family and mum to visit my sister and her family in Australia for the first time this year. This was taken on the last day and makes me smile each day. Happy memories. Miss you.


snails piggy back

Lost Child, Found Child

festival babyLosing kids is the worst feelings in the world.

Although I’ve always felt festivals are one of the safest places for a child to go wandering, the reality of it happening still producing that sick panic and sinking feeling that ever parent dreads.

Remain calm…

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Can you guess what it is? Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival

daisysandWe were recently invited to check out the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival which has taken over Black Rock on Madeira Drive.

Now I humbly class myself as a bit of a sand master. I have spent many happy hours building master pieces or turning the kids in to mermaids. But this is something different.

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Happy squeak grave

20140608_100651“I just said hello to a squirrel and he didn’t look very happy”

The kids discovered a very tame little squirrel in the garden yesterday chilling out near the shed. Continue reading ‘Happy squeak grave’

#EarthDay 2014 Mini Sparkles

mini sparkles 2014

Today is Earth Day and exactly a year ago we made a pledge and planted ‘Mini Sparkles’, a little silver tree. We promised to try to visit it in the wild (Hollingdean actually) every year to see how it was getting on.


Well, we think we found our little tree. In our excitement last year we hadn’t really marked the spot and ‘The Wild’ changes quite a bit in a year. It’s a jungle out there!

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Silent Sunday 20/04/14

Silent Sunday 20/04/14

to my most amazing friend

babyhandsI have this friend. She is the most amazing person I know. A constant in my life that has always been there for me. She never judges and is always full of kindness and joy.

This note is for her and her brand new little baby.

May you both always walk with sunshine in your steps.


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Silent Sunday 30/3/14

Silent Sunday 30/3/14

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