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to my most amazing friend

babyhandsI have this friend. She is the most amazing person I know. A constant in my life that has always been there for me. She never judges and is always full of kindness and joy.

This note is for her and her brand new little baby.

May you both always walk with sunshine in your steps.


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We Love Brighton

brighton pier carousel

Although we’ve lived here for 13 years it’s easy to forget just what a fantastic place Brighton is. Now we are immersed in the world of school runs, mortgages, work and back to back episodes of Breaking Bad we rarely even make it to town. The days of non-stop partying and all day Sunday recovery lazing in the warm sunshine on the pebbles, now a faded  memory. Continue reading ‘We Love Brighton’

Honesty Tourettes

ImageWe’ve all been there. Excited child with a beautifully wrapped gift from a relative or friend. Hoping and preying that we have instilled that look of delight and happiness in them, that no matter what the gift contains, they will be polite and receive it gratefully.

After all, it’s only polite. Right?

Happy Solstice everyone

ImageI never really thought about why I started writing this blog.

Winter for me is basically 6 months of misery waiting for summer. This years ‘dark days’ have got the better of me and I’ve spent a lot of them wishing the ground would swallow me up. Then, each year, as soon as spring arrives again it feels like someone’s switched the light back on. Before kids I used to get by with a winter trip to the sun most years but things have changed.

International Day of Happiness – Make someone smile

ImageThe first ever International Day of Happiness encourages people all over the globe to reflect on what really matters, and to have lots of fun doing so.

Thousands of people around the world have pledged to spend today creating and spreading happiness.

The #HappyDay initiative  has already reached more than 500,000 people from over 130 countries.

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Quality time with(out) the family?

ImageI’m always ranting on about spending quality time with the family. Little did I realize, what I actually needed, was quality time without them.

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