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to my most amazing friend

babyhandsI have this friend. She is the most amazing person I know. A constant in my life that has always been there for me. She never judges and is always full of kindness and joy.

This note is for her and her brand new little baby.

May you both always walk with sunshine in your steps.


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I give up by Izzy Dix

No child should ever feel that life is not worth living.

Please read this sad story and help your children understand the consequence of their actions and words.

Let’s spread LOVE to our children as much as we possibly can.

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Make someone SMILE today

harvey ball smileHappy World Smile Day!

Do an act of kindness, make someone smile today!

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A big squeeze of love

A big squeeze of love

Everybody loves a good hug. Get them while you can.

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Happy ‘not your anniversary’ Rob

weddingwalkI know it’s our wedding anniversary but we are both really rubbish at remembering when we got married.

How do we remember?

Both of our mothers send us wedding anniversary cards! Bless them.

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Australians are lovely

ImageSo I’m standing at the bus stop last night after a nice meal with some lovely colleagues and out of the blue someone said;

“You look just lovely and so fluffy”

Normally, at 11 o’clock in Brighton you would just pass this off as a drunk staggering off West street. But the lady who stood in front of me was very different. She was mid 50’s, very smart and a bit arty in appearance.

“Thank you,” I replied a little nervously.


With a big smile she continued, “Where have you been to looking so gorgeous.” Slightly stunned I answered her and then politely asked where she had been.

“I’ve been to an art exhibition but no one there was as wonderful as you!”

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Happy Solstice everyone

ImageI never really thought about why I started writing this blog.

Winter for me is basically 6 months of misery waiting for summer. This years ‘dark days’ have got the better of me and I’ve spent a lot of them wishing the ground would swallow me up. Then, each year, as soon as spring arrives again it feels like someone’s switched the light back on. Before kids I used to get by with a winter trip to the sun most years but things have changed.


photo (66)If one more person asks me

‘Have you still got THAT DOG?’

I’m going to scream!!!!!

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