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Review: Bewilder Box Escape Room Brighton

Bewilder box reviewA long time ago (the 80’s)

in a town not too far away…

The Bewilder Box initiative was born. Brighton’s newest and most exciting escape room yet!

With the world falling apart and my Facebook feed full of doom and gloom. Nothing in sight but the impending misery of another plastic commercial Christmas. The news full of increasing austerity and war on every corner. Is it the end of the human race as we know it?

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Review: Handmade Mysteries in Brighton

A bizarre night out with a crazy lady in red.

Last night I got all immersive with some wonderful creatures. I kissed a rabbit, stroked a skull, got down on my knees, and danced to Chris De Burgh.

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Support Brighton Fringe Festival

Brighton Fringe FestivalWe are so lucky to live in such an awesome city. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather live in the UK.

Getting through these cold and gloomy months is always made easier for me when I start to see advertising for Brighton Fringe Festival.  Continue reading ‘Support Brighton Fringe Festival’

The Real Junk Food Project Brighton

The Real Junk Food Project

How much food do you throw away?

Almost half the food the world produces (that’s 2bn tonnes) is wasted every year, yet there are 842 million hungry people in the world.


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Can you guess what it is? Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival

daisysandWe were recently invited to check out the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival which has taken over Black Rock on Madeira Drive.

Now I humbly class myself as a bit of a sand master. I have spent many happy hours building master pieces or turning the kids in to mermaids. But this is something different.

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