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Lets get Together The People of Brighton! WIN festival tickets

Together The People Brighton Festival

With the world feeling like it’s turning upside down at the moment, surrounded by unrest and total chaos, it’s a time to get together people.

Let’s try and focus of all that’s great about life, our friends, our family, our freedom to PARTY!

Let’s get Together The People of Brighton!

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Big Kahuna Festival -Twistin’ my melon man! WIN tickets

Big Kahuna header

The Big Kahuna Festival – ‘You’re twistin’ my melon man!’

Absolutely gutted we can’t make this one.

It’s not often a new festival is announced that blows the socks off others for me. We’ve done our fair share of partying in a field over the years and now have our firm favourites. It takes a lot for us to be swayed from the festivals we know always deliver, but The Big Kahuna look totally f*****g awesome.

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All hail! England’s Medieval Festival! WIN

 warwick castle familyAnd now for something completely different…

We love a good castle in our family. The kids are fascinated by history and when we are not camping in a field somewhere or at a festival we spend lots of time visiting historic sites around the UK. There’s something truly magical about exploring an old ruin steeped in history, or finding out about Kings and Queens of old and the gruesome past hidden in a dungeon.

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Wild Weekend at Elderflower Fields Festival

Elderflower Fields Festival 2016This May Elderflower Fields Festival celebrates it’s 5th birthday and it’s going to be wild! We’ve got a family ticket worth over £300 for someone to WIN and take part in their biggest party yet.

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Raise money for refugee crisis – WIN festival tickets!

I love it when a plan comes together.
The fabulous festival community has come together to offer tickets to some of the best events of the summer. You could win a pair of tickets to one of 23 awesome events while supporting a great cause.

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I LOVE fancy dress! WIN a Kigurumi onesie

fancy dress clothesHow much fancy dress is too much?

I don’t remember having fancy dress as a child. Perhaps that’s why I am so addicted to collecting it these days.

For those that know us personally, you may have had the pleasure of jumping in to our ever-growing collection. You may have even donated an item or two.

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WIN a Heat Holders winter bundle

kids in heat holders blanket and socks Has everyone given in to the heating yet?

I have a bit of a fixation with the 1st of November and can’t pack the flip flops away till then.

Now that winter is well and truly on it’s way and our last camping trip is done, we are settling in for the dark days. Snuggling down in front of the fire and getting cosy till we can be in a sunny field somewhere again.

Counting the days…

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WIN a Greener Cleaner Spring Cleaning pack

flip flopsI saw my first bumble bee this week.

That’s enough for me to know SPRING is here. The flip flops are out and I have started throwing open the doors and windows at every possible opportunity. Time to dust off the cobwebs, shake out the rugs and finally give the windows a wash. I can no longer use the rain as a good enough reason for the chocolate and snot smeared windows.

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