Review: Funk The Family by Hunny aged 7

We had lots of fun at Funk The Family.

There was music on a big stage. Someone mum liked called Jazzie B was playing lots of happy stuff when we got there. It was really, really hot so we got lots of ice cream and drinks with loads of ice in.

There were people dressed up and a Chinese dragon dancing round. funk the family festival

There was lots of stalls to look around and you could go to a glitter place and have your makeup done. 

When we got too hot we went to a big tent and join in some rapping. You had to say boots and cats lots of times. 

There was some making stuff in the woods. I really liked the fire starting. 

They also had a scooter track but I didn’t get to try that. 

I could wander off on my own cos it wasn’t too big.

Mum and Dad watched the music on the big stage most of the day. 

We could go right to the front to watch the stage if we wanted so we could see. 

We had lots of ice cream

The best thing at the festival was the circus club which I got to have a go at. There was a really nice girl who helped me and now I’m going to learn.

It was the first time Lily tried blue candy floss. She really liked it.

The Circus Project Brighton

My sister Daisy learning silks 

We had a great day at Funk The Family with our friends.

Thanks for reading my review.



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