Chilled in a Field 2019

Daisy writes…

We have just got back from Chilled in a Field festival where I had an amazing time.

We camped up with children ranging from 2 to 15 and all of them had a great time. We arrived on Friday and watched the opening parade where a very talented man did some tricks and some comedy then we followed him to the woods.

 In the woods we passed the amazing marble run which definitely attracted all ages. We also saw the woodland stage where later on there was a silent disco which unfortunately I missed because it did not start till 11pm!  I was very tired from doing stuff in the day time so really wanted to go. Hopefully, they will have an earlier one next year. 

Something I love about this site is the miniature railway which I went on with some family and friends. It went all the way around the campsite and past the main festival field so you could wave at people as you go by.

I didn’t watch many bands as it was just such a hot weekend out on the main field. Most of the ones I did watch were very good although one was very loud and intense on Friday night which just hurt my head.

There was one girl who I loved to watch called Jolie Skye Phillips because she was only 13 – the same age as me so it was very inspiring to see.

The campsite was very nice and the toilets and showers were also good for lots of people. Where we camped in the campervan field there was loads of space to run around and play frisbee.

There was a lot of food choice and my favourite was the chips from Ollie’s Fish Shack. I also liked the crepes but they were way too expensive in my opinion although there was a voucher where you got one free once you’d bought a few.

Overall I think it’s a lovely chilled festival and will definitely be coming back next year with more friends.

Daisy Ryman, 13


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