Climbing the magic faraway tree

magic faraway treeHave you ever dreamt of living in a treehouse in an enchanted wood?

Our family are all big fans of Enid Blyton’s classics and the adventures of The Magic Faraway Tree. Wouldn’t it be amazing to climb those branches and discover more about Moon-Face and The Saucepan Man? To explore a little further avoiding Dame Washalot’s bucket, past Mr Watzisname’s door, and perhaps take tea with Silky the Fairy? And what if we made it to the top to explore whatever world was through the clouds that day?

We’ve just returned from a magical adventure staying in a Piggledy treehouse at Blackberry Wood. What a very special place. Daisy couldn’t stop taking pictures and has created a little video about our stay.

I drifted off into a dream…

Sleeping high above the ground.

Rainbow birds and giant hares ridden by acorn fairies.

A perfectly piggledy peculiar paradise. 

Once you visit Blackberry Wood you can see why it gets booked up so far in advance. There are very few places this quirky for families in the UK and they really do take camping to the next level.

A little review from Hunny (aged 7)

When we got there I was really excited as I didn’t know where we were going. When I saw the treehouses they are amazing.

The heart window with the stained glass was my favorite thing in our Piggledy treehouse. It reminded me of inside churches when the light shines through. Lots of colour like a rainbow projector into the room.

blackberry wood treehouse Me and Daisy slept under a real tree and could see the stars out the ceiling. Our bed was very comfy and it had colourful pictures of people and things all over. We had books in there and I read The Runaway Dinner from the shelf above our bed.  

The treehouse looked like it was made out of all types of metal and wood and in the night we heard someone scratching on our door. Mummy said it might be a wild pig but I don’t think it was because pigs legs are very short and they couldn’t get up the higgledy piggledy big high steps. A squirrel and a robin visited us and sat on our doorstep for quite a lot time. We saw lots of bunnies too and I called one of them Rupert.

The curtains were so pretty in our treehouse because they had unicorns and treehouses with elves riding bunnies. There was a hiding treehouse made of lego and the really exciting bit was that we had a remote control and could control the lights. We made them blue, yellow, green. It was really cool.

In the bathroom there was a watering can instead of a sink and the radiator was all sparkly. In the living room there was a lovely warm fire with a tiny picture of a penguin.

Me my sister told each other stories about what magical creatures we would be if we could be anything. We mixed up our favourite animals and mine was a ‘owlbunnycorn’ or ‘bunnyunicornowl’ and Daisy’s was a mixture of a chinchilla head, a unicorn body and doggy legs.

We had a brilliant time in our treehouse and nobody want to go home. Mum and me wish we could live up a tree for the rest of our lives. Dad wants to live in a bus!


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