Sri Lanka with Kids

Sri Lanka family holiday kids on beachBlink and it’s gone.

We always said we’d travel with our kids. Before they were born we went on a long haul trip every couple of years to discover new horizons. The trouble is, when they arrive everything else gets in the way.

Time flies so quick when your kids are little. It’s not like we didn’t take them on holiday. We’ve been to loads of places when they were tiny, but never managed to go somewhere that was completely culturally different.


What an adventure!

We’d thoroughly recommend Sri Lanka with kids as a perfect place to travel. The people are so lovely and the country is truly beautiful. It’s an easy place to travel around and even if you don’t want to use hot crowded buses, a private taxi is a good value option to get from A to B. Generally people don’t hassle you, which we’ve experienced in some countries, and although we did have to barter, we rarely felt like we were getting ripped off.

We visit in April and it was incredibly hot with much of our day spent seeking shade. If you have very young children or don’t cope well with the heat then consider the temperature when you travel as we found it almost impossible to do anything between 10am and 4pm. The Island experiences two wet seasons on opposite sides so it is possible to avoid these at any time of the year, just check seasons and plan accordingly. The odd storm is a pretty exciting experience though as power cuts and knee deep rain is quite normal in some places.

Go adventure kids!

We all have the long haul bug now. Sri Lanka with kids was awesome, but where to next? Any suggestions on perfect places to travel with kids?

Sri Lanka beach family


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