Review: The Outdoors Project – Kid rated

Keeping the kids busy in the school holidays is a challenge. It’s easy to resort to screen time if you don’t have anything planned and they are driving you crazy. Imagine how delighted I was when my 10 and 6-year-old were invited to check out The Outdoors Project holiday club in Brighton for the day and burn off some excess energy.

The outdoors projectThe Outdoors Project run high energy holiday clubs in Brighton that are suitable for children aged 5 to 12.

The all-weather, outdoor clubs take place in local parks and the one we visited was in St. Ann’s Wells Gardens in Hove. The sessions are perfect for developing friendships, trust, teamwork and confidence and also learning new skills.

The holiday camps are great as it’s really important to me that my kids spend as much time as possible outdoors. As well as the obvious benefits of outdoor play, it stops them totally trashing the house! Here’s what they thought.

By Hunny (aged 6 and a rather vivid imagination)

‘Firstly we had to do a monkey dance and then we all had to fart on our heads.

There was a really funny man called Richard who kept making jokes and saying really weird things. He asked us to get into pairs and then said ‘are you all in pairs? Or are any of you in apples?’ He made me laugh when he kept picking up kids and saying ‘what’s this? Does anyone know what this is?.

We played games and one was called magic trees where all the trees were magic and someone counted to 5. If you were on the wrong tree you were out and some of the kids turned evil and had to bounce up and down.

the outdoors projectAt the end, we did this cool treasure hunt where we had to find things in the woods and all over the park. We got an Easter egg with magic beans in when we gave them in and I gobbled mine all up.

We had our picnic there on the mat but I didn’t eat my lunch because I wasn’t hungry, but I did eat my chocolate so I can’t give you any. I’m sorry.

The Outdoors Project is GREAT. I want to do it again!!’

*The words of Hunny are not always 100% honest so I can not guarantee her review is factually correct.

outdoors project

By Daisy (aged 10 going on 16)

‘We learnt Ninja Warrior skill which was really hard as we had to balance on a really wobbly beam but I didn’t fall off. Probably because I’m good at gymnastics. It was really fun because it was so slippery in the mud and Hunny kept sliding over which made me laugh because it looked like she had done a poo in her pants.

the outdoors projectWhen we did the assault course we had to go under a net which a girl got stuck under because of her hat and it was really funny because she couldn’t get out.

At first I didn’t really like it because I was getting muddy but then I just didn’t care. I think Hunny must have fallen over in the mud about 20 times but she didn’t care either.

The Outdoors Project was muddy but cool!’


Nerf Wars, Bushcraft, Shelter building, Climbing and Woodland games are just some examples of the other days you can book with The Outdoors Project this school holidays. They also do after school clubs at some schools.

muddy kids a field somewhereThanks for inviting us guys. I have two very tired and muddy girls who are still bouncing and had a great time. The sign of a great day of outdoor play is mud up to your waist and smiles on your face.

If your kids love playing outdoors and are hungry for adventure, check out The Outdoors Project holiday clubs


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