Review: Bewilder Box Escape Room Brighton

Bewilder box reviewA long time ago (the 80’s)

in a town not too far away…

The Bewilder Box initiative was born. Brighton’s newest and most exciting escape room yet!

With the world falling apart and my Facebook feed full of doom and gloom. Nothing in sight but the impending misery of another plastic commercial Christmas. The news full of increasing austerity and war on every corner. Is it the end of the human race as we know it?

ESCAPE is my only option.

It’s winter and the festival season is at least 6 months away so how am I going to stop myself going insane with no escape from reality?

Get me out of here!!!!

And then the call came…

A group of crack commando women were tasked with discovering the mystery behind the disappearance of the charming but eccentric Dr Benjamin Wilder Senior and his life’s research. An amazing scientist who’s realisation of the future lead him to devoting his life entirely to the development of a master disaster recovery plan for the human race.

Something or someone was trying to stop him!

Having always quite fancied myself as one of those brain-box kids who guided the ‘dungeoneer’ through medieval dungeons of the 80’s classic Knightmare, this challenge was right up my street. I am not a competitive person, but after failing terribly in my first attempt at an escape room, I was not going to lose this time!

Our challenge started in the pub, as all good challenges do.

hobgoblin brightonbewilder box profesorWe were met by a very friendly professor in The Hobgoblin Brighton, who patiently waited for us to fuel our mission with the fermented juice of apples. If we’d have foreseen the task ahead being so challenging, we may have decided to skip a couple of these.bewilder box review

As new recruits, we were led upstairs to face our Bewilder Box assessment and hopefully qualifying for inclusion in the programme to save mankind.  

We entered the holding chamber and our hearty laughs were tested to ensure we could handle the task. A short video briefing session took place and we were handed the tools for our quest. We had 60 minutes to complete the challenges ahead, and I was NOT going to fail this time.

 Bewilder Box BrightonBewilder Box Brighton

 We entered a dimly lit room that at first seemed very empty. Fans of Red Dwarf would have been very at home in here, but I felt somewhat bewildered. There wasn’t an awful lot to go on, but we were the A Team who were ready to lead mankind to salvation, so we jumped right in.

bewilder box escape room2016-11-19-15-09-34bewilder box review

The tasks were tough. Although you are free to take drinks in to the escape room there isn’t much time to stop. We literally bounced from one task to the next. My team was a fantastic bunch of well experienced explorers, but we still struggled and the pressure built. Luckily for us, the very handsome computer D.A.V.E was on hand to help.

Eventually we cracked the code and quickly typed out on the keyboard. Hurrah!

2016-11-19-15-09-41bewilder box review2016-11-19-15-45-38

Bugger. Only to realise this was just phase 1 of the game. I really thought we’d done amazingly well but there was more. The tension built, we all started sweating.

Would we save the world?!

bewilder boxpush the buttonTrago knightmare

Stopping only briefly to chat up the computer, my comrades were brilliant under pressure. I love them all for their uniqueness. We made a great team and cracked the code with 14:13 minutes to spare so were super proud of ourselves. Woohoo!

bewilderbox clockbewilder-box-team

Plenty of time to have a peek behind the scenes and hear more about the plans for the future of the Bewilder Box project and their next adventure.
We were pioneers, leading the human race to the new world and it felt fantastic!
bewilder box control roombewilder-box-control-room

The Bewilder Box experience immerses you head first into the surreal world of science and tests ever one of your senses beyond belief.

We deserved a drink. Actually, we deserved a bottle. After all…

WE had saved the world!!

Check out the Bewilder Box website and see you too can save mankind. You might even beat my elite team of genius women and save the universe!

P.S. Use this code and get 5% off your booking in December or January 2017 “WELOVEBRIGHTONJAN2017”  when you book via the website at


For any other fans of the 80’s Knightmare series, I leave you with a couple of clips and some hazy Treguard memories. I don’t remember all the kids being this posh, do you? How did I think I had any chance of making it on to this show with my rough neck Bracknell posse?

Bewilder box review 2016


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