The Big Green Bus. We’re all going on a summer holiday…

young ones summer… no more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,
for me and you oo oo.

ooo oo oo ooooo! Get on board the freedom bus and head to good time city!

Come on, who hasn’t dreamt about hijacking a double-decker bus and taking off on the last freedom bus to nowhere? Picking up some cool friends like Cliff Richard and Una Stubbs and escaping on a magical mystery tour of trippy nostalgia and teenage anarchy?

Just me then?

I guess so.

Back to reality.

I’m strolling down Madeira Drive the other day on what was planned to be a lovely family walk. New Christmas bike for 3-year-old and Heelys for 8-year-old. Actually turned out to be another completely stressful trip with grizzly kids inappropriately dressed (no gloves, wrong coat, daddy forgot my shoes, haven’t got any knickers on so my trousers keep falling down, etc, etc). Throw in a bit of rain and one annoying pet who suffers from small dog syndrome and can’t resist barking its head off at the whiff of another animal. Crying, moaning, barking, rain… you get the picture.

Back to my strolling and dreaming… warm sunny places… la la la.

big green bus brighton

In the distance we see this

A lovely man who obviously senses our distress invites us on board. (Not Cliff Richard but lovely all the same).

Mulled wine and mince pies? Don’t mind if I do.

Look around? Yes please.

Little rest and a try out a bed upstairs? Well if you insist!

big green bus inside 2The Big Green Bus is a fantastic 1982 double-decker metro bus. It’s been beautifully converted to sleep 6 with a gorgeous log burner and shower room.

I was in love. Dreaming of a hazy summer holiday, iced G&T’s and picnics in the sun.

big green bus inside

Then the kids dropped mince pies all over the immaculately upholstered seats, dog started barking and it was time to leave.

The Big Green Bus is available to hire from April 2014 and is sited in a gorgeous spot in Sussex. You can make arrangements to pitch an extra tent or camper at the site so it’s a perfect little pull up for a weekend away with friends.

They even allow ‘well behaved dogs’ (if you know any).

Unfortunately you don’t get to drive the bus but you can sit in the front and pretend and at least you don’t have to worry about doing a Rick and driving it off a cliff. CLIFF!!!

If you’d like to find out more LIKE their facebook page or visit

Thanks for your hospitality at The Big Green Bus. Best of luck with your amazing adventures.

Have a great summer holiday all.



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


3 Responses to “The Big Green Bus. We’re all going on a summer holiday…”

  1. 1 Mama H January 4, 2014 at 16:33

    The Big Green Bus looks ace!

  2. 2 Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill) January 4, 2014 at 17:34

    That would make for a very unique holiday – shame you are not allowed to drive it though and what nice hospitality to invite you all on board. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. 3 Jess January 4, 2014 at 23:06

    Wow,that is something different! My young one would love it!#countrykids

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