Taming the tantrum – one glitter shake at a time

As a parent, learning how to effectively discipline your kids can be pretty tough. The mind jar glitter shaker can be a great solution because your child will begin to associate it with a time to relax and calm down.

Listen to me. What an expert! We actually tried a mind jar for a while when my youngest was 3 but the tantrums in this house got so bad it was hurled against the wall. (By my daughter, not me)

mind jar glitterThe idea of the mind jar is that when you feel a time out / naughty step / calm down moment is necessary, you tell your child to go and have some time alone with this pretty shaker. You (or the child) can shake it up, and then they have to sit there until the glitter settles. The don’t HAVE to watch the glitter, but many children do become mesmerized by the floating sparkles.

So although this little trick didn’t quite work in our house and my daughter preferred to kick the dog and smash up anything in her path, I thought I’d share it anyway.

Hopefully, this lovely little creation might help with one of your temper tantrums. If all else fails, they are pretty to look at when the kids finally go to bed and you sink in the a large G&T.

mind jar glitter shaker make
What you need:
  • Empty jar with lid. (In hindsight – a plastic container could work better)
  • Glitter glue
  • Glitter
  • A drop of food colouring (if you like)
  • Washing up liquid or clear glue
  • Tape or glue to fix the lid in place
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl and whisk

mind jar whisking glitter

1. Fill up your jar with water then tip it into the bowl or jug.

2. The water needs to be hot (not boiling) so either use from the kettle (be careful if you are using plastic) or stick it in the microwave in a glass jug.

3. Add the glitter glue, whisking all the time, then add the loose glitter.

4. Watch the glitter settle and add a little glue or washing up liquid to make it thicker so it takes longer to settle.

5. Pour into the jar and give it a go.

2016-03-21 16.32.43Depending on how crazy the melt downs in your house are, keep adding glue till it’s thick enough to settle in an average temper tantrum, then seal the lid. This is not an exact science but I’d recommend between 2-5 minutes.

In the perfect parent world (not our house), the jar can be left near your little angel when they are having a challenging moment. Give them clear instructions that when the glitter settles and they have calmed down they can bring it to you for a hug.

You never know… it might work for you. The jars are pretty anyway and a nice activity to make with your child.

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